M300 Data Acquisition System


The M300 is a real time Data Acquisition System based on the QNX 4 Operating System (real time, UNIX like, POSIX certified) from QSSL using Photon as the Graphical User Interface (GUI). It runs on Pentium based systems with a minimum of 128 MB RAM, a mouse, and an accelerated video card. It is fast, versatile and has the potential to expand and take on new challenges.

The M300 chassis can come in a variety of ways. Standard 14 slot rack mount systems for most users. For users which require a large number slots for their systems we use a 20 slot chassis. Small systems can be configured with 6-10 slots, for small platform and weight. Most M300 systems use a combinations of ISA and PCI passive backplane with a single CPU card. Tiny systems can use PC104 platform for even less space and weight requirements.


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