Various support files available for download.

Interface Schematics (.zip files)

A/D Converter, 16 Channels, P/N: 100657
A/D Converter 32 Sample & Hold
A/D Converter 32 w/o Sample & Hold, P/N: 100521
ISA 2D Grey Scale Spectromer, P/N: 100510
ISA 2D Monochromatic, P/N: 100479
ISA ARINC 429, P/N: 100540
ISA ARINC 429 Half Size, P/N: 100649
ISA ARINC 561, P/N: 100481
ISA CAPS, P/N: 100584
ISA 8 Channel Counter, P/N: 100586
ISA FSSP/ASASP/1D Advanced, P/N: 100501
ISA FSSP/ASASP/1D Basic, P/N: 100477
ISA FSSP/ASASP/1D Basic Half Size, P/N: 100661
ISA Heading, P/N: 100575
ISA GPS/LORAN, P/N: 100544
ISA SEA BUS, P/N: 100489X
ISA Serial, P/N: 100493
ISA Serial, 4 Port, P/N: 100624
ISA System Board, P/N : 100473
PC104 ARINC 429, P/N: 100663
PC104 SEA BUS, P/N: 100665
Pressure Multiplexer Controller, P/N: 100558

Miscellaneous (.pdf files)

Byte Orderings
IRQ Table
I/O Address Map List
SEA Interfaces Switch Settings
Serial SEA Interface Connections
Serial Interface Connections
Serial Pin Out

SEA Utilities (.pdf files)

Utilities Guide (QNX 4 based)
Software Changes

Product Documentation (.pdf files)

M300 Documentation

Reference Guide
User's Guide
Utilities Guide
Software Changes
Data Format
Rack 14 Slots, P/N: 300000
Rack 20 Slots, P/N: 300001

WCM2000 Documentation

Control Box: Drawing P/N: 400220-M
Global Connections: Schematic P/N: 400200-E
Major Components: Drawing P/N: 400200-M
Power Box: Drawing P/N: 400210-M
Power Box to Control Box Cable: Schematic P/N: 400240-E Drawing P/N: 400240-M
Power Box to Sense Head Cable: Schematic P/N: 400230-E Drawing P/N: 400230-M
Power Cable: Schematic P/N: 400250-E
Sense Head: Drawing P/N: 400201-M
WCM EPROM Table Version Update Instructions
Software Changes
User's Guide